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Senior Move Management: A new niche for movers?

January 25, 2013

We were recently featured in a Blog devoted only to relocation’s, Eric Anders runs this excellent site at

Here is a excerpt:

Specialized niche for qualified movers

As the need for senior care specialist continues to grow because of the number of aging boomers, some well established local and long distance moving and storage companies and national van lines have recognized the need to provide seamless quality move management relocation services for older customers and their families.

Anthony Baumer is a good example. As the owner and President of BD Movers, Tony operates a well established, mid-sized local and long distance moving company in Manahawkin that’s been servicing customers in and around Ocean County, New Jersey since 1989.

As one of the more involved participants of the New Jersey Warehousemen & Movers Association, and a sitting member on the Board of Directors, Tony has long recognized the unique physical and emotional needs of the moving industry’s older customers.

Initially, his company partnered with local NASMM business owners in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania by providing specially trained moving crews for their clients. Since BD Movers sits in the shadow of the greater New York City market, however, his office was constantly being contacted by retired snowbirds who participate in the annual ritual of moving between the NY-NJ shore and warmer Sunbelt states, or directly by older NYC residents or their families who required professional help to plan their ‘special needs’ move.

Recently Tony decided to become an NASMM member . His familiarity with the organization combined with the growing number of word-of-mouth (WOM) requests for his specially trained BD Movers SSM crews made the decision pretty easy. When contacted about this new role, he responded:

Senior moves are a unique move.  The mover should be familiar with the facility the move is into or at the very least, get the contact information for the management or move in coordinator.  The often have rules much like high-rises on hours of availability and parking areas. Often they have “off limit” areas when residents may be taking lunch or common areas for meetings. Occasionally we must avoid an area of offices for doctor screenings.

The management will usually have a fact sheet they provide the move with their rules. Most are common sense, and will most likely have the requirement of a certificate of insurance to be provided in advance. Expect that some may require the move to be completed within a specified time, especially if they are scheduling an elevator for multiple moves. They may  require that all packing material be removed also.

Before the move, we meet with the client and or the family. Many variables are common, kids are out of state, parents are in the hospital, one spouse may have recently passed away. We cover all the moving requirements but most likely the discussion will include cleaning , hauling away old items, donating items the family does not want but is in good condition, delivering to multiple locations (kids, grand kids, storage, etc).

I may offer the services of a estate sale planner. Sometimes the home needs minor repairs and we provide the contacts to that. Our client may not be up to arranging all the peripheral chores involved with moving, either because of health or distance. We step up and do that. – Tony Baumer, BD Movers

Definitely not the kind of options provided by your typical ‘full service’ local mover!  And what’s more remarkable, when you consider all the value-added SSM services that BD Movers provides, is that the company doesn’t charge anything extra to make their senior customers’ moves as worry and problem free as possible.  more…….

Faith can move mountains, for everything else there is BD Movers!(tm)

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